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We provide transitional and ongoing asset management and property management for lenders, servicers, equity sponsors and investment owners. We specialize in the turnaround and stabilization of under performing properties across all sectors of retail, office and residential real estate.

Our comprehensive approach to turnaround and stabilization includes all the steps required to organize, manage, protect and improve daily operations, including the following activities.


Situation Assessment & Management


  • Reviewing rent rolls and identifying areas where rent collections can be increased.

  • Reviewing operating statements and identifying areas where operating expenses can be managed in an extremely cost-efficient manner.

  • Reviewing the status of property tax payments and casualty insurance policies and premiums.

  • Coordinating with the ownership group in areas of communication, decision making and strategy implementation.

  • Analyzing current rental rate trends, vacancy rates, cap rates and absorption rates. Providing valuation opinions.

Property Management


  • Conducting a comprehensive physical inspection of the property. Providing an assessment of tenancies, property condition and the market.

  • Reviewing rent collection procedures. Modifying procedures as needed to assure the security and control of payments.

  • Evaluating the performance of the current property manager. Interviewing replacement candidates as needed and making recommendations to owners or lenders.

  • Reviewing, negotiating and monitoring all operating budgets and capital expense budgets.

Tenant Lease Administration


  • Advising on leasing agents for new leases and renewals. Reviewing leasing proposals and negotiating terms on behalf of the investor group.

  • Confronting above average vacancies with leasing strategies that address market weaknesses or property weaknesses.

Financial Reporting


  • Preparing timely, accurate and meaningful financial statements, budgets, forecasts and status reports.

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