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IVL’s experience and integrity have enabled the efficient and effective completion of hundreds of court appointed Receiver assignments throughout the tri state area.

IVL provides receivership services to banks, loan servicers and financial institutions who need help managing defaulted real estate assets for all commercial and residential property types.  We can help assess your real estate portfolio to support your objectives.  The advantage to having a receiver familiar with office, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential real estate assets is that the process goes much more smoothly and cost effectively. 

Once appointed as a Receiver, IVL immediately takes control of the asset, identifies issues requiring attention and develops and implements the necessary action plan. Our goal is to make sure the asset continues to produce income while we sustain or enhance its value.

We provide our clients with a single point of contact who leads a team of professionals to smoothly transition the assignment to a successful execution.  Since we only focus our efforts in four states, we have a keen insight to the day-to-day activity in each market.

To discuss our Receiver services or to obtain a list of representative assignments, please contact Ian Lagowitz.

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